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◎ Eastern or Western Trditional Instruments & Orchestra 

      Flute Concerto for Orchestra with Percussion[2021]  [solo flute,orchestra,solo percussion]

       MarimbaConcerto [2020]  眼天地耳  sky eyes,ground ears [solo marimba,percussion ensemble,orchestra]

    Taiko Concerto[2019] 艸樂 curatio [solo taiko,string orchestra]

   Shakuhachi Concerto [2019]  伊福綴映 inspirare scriptum [solo shakuhachi,string orchestra]

    Violin Concerto [2018-19]  禱聲 vox orandi [solo violin,haiku teller & electronics,orchestra]

    Shamisen Concerto [2018] 慈音季如 vox affectio sicut tempora [solo shamisen,chamber orchestra]

   25gen Concerto [2017]  未跡 signa [solo 25gen koto,string orchestra]

​   Yanagawajamisen Concerto [2016] 御通木MITSUGI [solo yanagawajamisen,string orchestra]

    Bassoon Concerto [2016]  暁環 annulus aurorae [solo basson,orchestra]

    Piano Concerto [2016] 聲水如 vox verum quasi aqua [ solo piano.chamber orchestra]

   MarimbaConcerto [2015 眼天地耳 sky eyes,ground ears[marimba,percission ensemble]

​    Sho Concerto [2015] 海煥草木川花奏鳴hae  hwan cho mog cheong hwa  ju myeong  

    Soprano Concerto [2015] 永九 yongjiu [soprano,mixed chorus, orchestra]

    Trombone &Tenor Concerto [2014]  韻禱 yundao  --- rhymed prayer[solo trombone, solo tenor,orchestra]

    Four Koto Concerto [2013] 揺聲 vibrating rhythm [koto,20gen25gen,17gen,flute orchestra]
    17gen  Concerto [2009]  誰渡洸河 …..goes in the river of light…..  [17gen,string orchestra]


◎ Orchestra

  vox benedictus 連聲 [flute orchestra,2016]
   Win schön  lechtet der Morgenstern 如何美輝暁星   [chamber orchestra,2013] 

  Segredo  la promesa bonita del cielo y un lago y un pez   水秘魚 [flute orchestra 2012]

    Cradle of Time Colona of Tears  時之揺籃 泪之瓔珞  [chamber orchestra,2011]

   Crossing voices  交聲譜[ eastern-western chamber orchestra,2011]

   sato hyang xiang      [ eastern-western  orchestra,2009]

  Ode to Sky and Lake 天湖頌 [flute orchestra,2007]

   Like a Water Ring    水の輪のように [flute orchestra,2002]

   Mother Lake 母なる湖 [ flute orchestra,2002]

    Inner Lake 内なる湖  [ wind orchestra,2000 ]

   la fonte di luce   光の泉  [ flute orchestra,1993 ]


◎ Oratorio 

    time in your eyes, space in my earsしづのまなかひ [2017] 

    vox caelum terra rithimus I天聲地韻 [2016]  


◎ Opera 

   vox orandi musica eternam聲馨樂傳 [2017-    ] 
 Jianzhen鑑眞[2012-14 ] 


​   AZAI no MANAGO [my lovely children]あざいのまなご [2014]


◎ N-lab@Orchestral Educational 

     Waterbird Song 

    Star Tour Song

   Lullaby Regional

  Street Counting Song


◎ Theater Piece

   The Oak Tree Story かしの木物語 [2011]

  ​ The Ship of Life  生命の舟[2010]      Shiga Prefectural Culture Encouragement  Award


◎ Orchestral Choral Song

    Seisen University 聖泉大学学歌 [2016,composition,orchestration,conducting]

    Nagahama Municipal Asai Elementary School 長浜市立浅井小学校校歌[2014,Lyrics,composition,orchestration,conducting]

    Kinransenri Junior High School & High School 金蘭千里中学校高等学校[2007,orchestral arrangement]   

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