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Nakamura Noriko was born and  had been lived  31  years in Kusatsu,Shiga prefecture,Japan.

She graduated from Notre Dame High School,Kyoto City University of Arts and 

Graduate  School of Kyoto City University of Arts[KCUA],summa cum laude.She studied  composition  with Prof.Hirose Ryohei,Prof.Kitazume Michio,Prof.Fujishima Masahisa,Prof.Maeda aShuichi,Prof..Gilbert  Amy,Prof.Hand Joachim Kauffmann and so on.During her studies in graduate school,KCUA,she studied at Hochoschule für Künste,

Bremen as  cultural exchange  student in  autumn semester 1990-91.She received Ogura Risaburo Music Scholarship,Kyoto Music Association Award,Kyoto Art Festival Kyoto Mayor Award,Kyoto City New Artist Award and Shiga Prefecture Cultural Encouragement Award.

Artist in Residence "die Höge,Syke(2001),Germany.She had lectures at Heidelberg Unviersity(1991),Universtät MozarteuSalzburg(2014,2016),Sookmyung Women's University(2018),Guangxi Art University[Guangxi Arts Institute] (2018) and so on.​

She works have been performed and lectured and premiered at international music&art festivals,opera house, concert halls,broadcasting stations,universities in 


Sweden,Russia,Lithuania and Israel.She is one of supervisor of ensemble clumusica,which has been based in Nakamura-lab,KCUA.She has continued International Contemporary Music Festival "Present of Orchestral Asia".Since 2008-2017,she was also driving committee,Kyoto Art Center.Currently,she is an associate professor of Kyoto City University of Arts,and Graduate School of KCUA.

NAKAMURA Noriko  [composition]


1965 Born in Kusatsu,Shiga prefecture,Japan.

1983 Graduated from Notre Dame Jogakuin High School

1987 Graduated from Kyoto CityUniversity of Arts [KCUA]

1990 Nov.-1991 Feb. as 1st exchange student in Hochschule  für KünsteBremen

1991 Received a Master's degree from Graduate School,

         Kyoto City University of Arts,summa cum laude

1980-95 Studied under R.Hirose,M.Kitazume,S.Maeda,M.Fujishima,W.Tajima,

              H.J.Kauffmann (in Germany)and G.Amy(in Kyoto),and so on.

1985- Own works have been performed and lectured in the following countries,


          Swiss,Austria,Spain,Sweden,Norway,Israel,Russia and Lithuania.


■Awards & Scholarship

1987 Kyoto Music Association Award  

1991 KCUA Master Award 

1991 Rohm Foundation Grants

1997 OGURA RISABURO Music Schorlarship

2001 Kyoto City New Artist Award 

2010 Shiga Prefectural Cultural Encouragement Award  

2014 Kyoto Art Festival Kyoto Mayor Award 


■Lecture & Forum

1991 Lecture "Japanese Woman composers“+own work presentation 

          Heidelberg University (Germany)

2001 Forum "Nicht Freiheit wovon,sondern Freiheit wozu….“in 

        Internationale Komponistinnentage für Neue Musik

        Künstlerinnen Hof in Syke (Germany)

2011 Country Report,Asian Composers League Conference & Festival      


2012 Moderator,Internaitonal Modern Music Festival „Koto,Present in   

          Asia“ [(Kyoto,Japan)

2013 Moderator,International Contemporary Music Festival

         "Present of  Orchestral Asia“ [Korea,Japan](Kyoto,Japan)

2014 Moderator,International Contemporary Music Festival „Present of   

         Orchestral Asia“[(China,Germany,Italy,Japan)

2014 Lecture "Physical Uniderstanding & Graphical Score“ 

         Universtät Mozarteum Salzburg [Austria] 

2015 Moderator,International Contemporary Music Festival 

         “Present of Orchestral Asia“ [Japan]

2015 Hwaum Project Festival [Korea-Japan}

2016 Lecture"Universtät Mozarteum Salzburg [Auatria]

2016 Moderator,Hogaku Project „Koto and Western Instrument“ 

         at OE International Alternative Festival[Japan]

2016 Moderator,International Contemporary Music Festival 

        “Present of Orchestral Asia“ [Japan]

2017 Moderator,International Contemporary Music Festival 

         “Present of Orchestral Asia“[Japan]

2018 Lecture at Sookmyung Women’s University [Korea] 

2018 Lecture at Guangxi University of Arts [China]

2019 Moderator,International Contemporary Music Festival 

         “Present of Orchestral Asia“[Japan]

2019 Lecture at Metropolitan University Education  [China]

        Sichuan Conservatory for Music [China]



1997 Konzert deutsh-japanischer neuer Musik Goethe Institute [Kyoto,Japan]

2001 Artist-in-residence at Kunstlerinnenhof Die Höge Syke [Germany]

2001 Konzert deutsh-japanischer neuer Musik Goethe Institute [Kyoto,Japan]

2001 Internationale Komponistinnentage für Neue Musik”[Syke,Germany]

2002 ISCM world Music Days JSCM New Century Music Festival 

          Evening of ACL ISCM [Yokohama,Japan]

2002 Exchanges concert Japan-Korea 2002 Japanese Federation of Composers [Seoul,Tokyo]

2002 The 25th ACL FORUM Korea-Japan Exchange Concert [Seoul,Korea]

2009 Asian Pacific Contemporary Music Festival l[Seoul,Korea]

2011 Asian Composers League Conference & Festival   [Taipei,Taiwan]

2012 The Society for East-West Music Subscription Concert  [Yongin,Korea]

2012 East-Asian Music Festival 2012 In Hiroshima [Japan]

2012 Asian Composers League Conference & Festival [Tel Aviv,Israel]

2013 International Flute Convention  [New Orleans,U.S.A]

2013 East-Asian Music Festival 2013 [Hiroshima ,Japan]

2014 Eclat Flashes of Asia  Musicarama  Hong Kong Composers Guild [Hong Kong,China]

2017 Vox Feminae International Music Festival  Israeli Women Composers & Performers Forum  [Israel]

2015 „Imagination“Ensemble Eclat Subscription Concert  [Seoul,Korea]

2017 Vox Feminae International Music Festival Israeli Women Composers & Performers Forum [Israel]

2017 East-Asian Music Festival [Hiroshima,Japan] 

2018  Asian Composers League International Festival [Seoul,Korea]

2018 China -Asean Music Festival  [Nanning,China]

2018 East Asia International Contemporary Music Festival [Daegu,Korea]

2018 Gyeonggi Gayageum Ensemble Korean National Gugak Theater [Seoul,Korea]

2019 Vox Feminae International Music Festival Israeli Women Composers & Performers Forum [Israel]

2022 Summer Festival  traditon meeting Therater Choei-za an der Nagahama  MUSUHI crossing 

  east&west,sky&ground at special  stage &installation,Maibara,Shiga Preefecturall Cultural industry Community House Event Hall [Japan]

■Social achivements 

 2019 International Competition for Composers “Unique Forms of Continuity in Space”

          Category C  (Solo Instrument)   Jury President  

            [Fermo Conservatory &Ritsumeikan University ]

2015  21st Century Japanese Music Project New Music Composition Contest 

   for the YIS Japanese Music Ensemble    Jury

2012  clumusica×Flute Orchestra UMIBUE-no-Kai collaboration 

         ''Cogitation for this World'' Regional New Music Composition Competiton  

    for Composers &Performers  Jury : Flute Orchestra UMIBUE-no-Kai Members  

           [Seiran Kaikan,Otsu, Japan]organized by clumusica 

2011- NHK All Japan School Chorus Music Compostition   

          [Shiga  Kyoto  Osaka  Wakayama  Nara]  [Kinki area]  Jury 



1991-1996 Lecturer of Kyoto City University of Arts,Faculty of Music

1995- The Japan Federation of Composers

1996- Japan Society for Contemporary Music

1996-2011 Full time lecturer of Kyoto City University of Arts, Faculty of Music.

1999-2002 Project Committee of Kyoto Art Center

2007- The Society for Research in Asiatic Music

2007- International Council for Traditional Music

2008-2017 Steering committee of Kyoto Art Center

2011- Associate Professor of Kyoto City University of Arts,Faculty of Music



2010- Library of Japan Traditional Music Research Centre in KCUA 

2011-Library of Kyoto City University of Arts 

2013- Women Composers & Performers Forum 

   Felicja Blumental Music Centre & Library (1010-)



1991 Study of HIROSE Ryohei's Cello Concerto [Master Thesis:KCUA]

1998 Study of HIROSE Ryohei's Cello Concerto 1 [1]HARMONIA 28 [KCUA]

2000 Study of HIROSE Ryohei's Cello Concerto 2 [2]HARMONIA 30 [KCUA]

2015 The Inspection by Overlap Performance with Catholic Liturgical Text 

        Missa Ordinarium "Credo IV“ and Yatsuhashi Kengyo "Rokudan no Shirabe“:

       Through the collaboration with church chorus and koto at Imola, 

          Bologna and Verona   HARMONIA 45 [KCUA]



2021  Riverside of time   from university bluilding   "Towards Traditions & Creations"

         Fixed space observation    from East Asia,Japan,Kyoto,Nishikyo,Oe,Kutsukake

          COMPOST vol.2 [Archival Research Center,KCUA]

2021  Regional horizon  - a road of  150 years to complementary for lacking  -

         HARMONIA 51 [KCUA] 

2020  The Present Time of  Music from Asia-The Possibility  of  Regional Sharing : 

          Starting from Musicarama  2014 Hong  Kong Contemporary Music  Festival

         HARMONIA 50 [KCUA]

2016  Present time of Orchestral Asia and these developments 

          HARMONIA 46 [KCUA]

2015   International Contemporary Music Festival”Present of Orchestral Asia” 

           HARMONIA 45 [KCUA]

2010  Present time on Music in Asia through Asia Pacific Contemporary Music Festival 2009 

         HARMONIA 40 [KCUA] 

1992 Studies at  Hochschule für Künste,Bremem 

         HARMONIA 22 [KCUA] 

■Publishers & CD DVD

Mother Earth Publishing  

The Japan Federation of Composers  

Studio FLORE  

Kuenstlerinnenhof Die Höge Radio Bremen

International Humanity Association Japan   

International League of Artist Japan




2021"Flute Concerto for Percussion & Orchestra"(12')

2020 "Sky Eyes & Ground Ears" Concerto for Marimba & Orchestra (12') Kyoto[Japan]

2019 "curatio''  Concerto for Taiko and String Orchestra with Bass Drum(12’) Kyot[Japan]

2019  "inspirare scriptum'' Concerto for Shakuhachi and String Orchestra (10’) Kyoto [Japan]

2019  ''vox orandi''  Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (7’) Kyoto [Japan]

2018  ''vox affectrio'' sicut tempora  Concerto for Shamisen and Chamber Orchestra(15’) Ritto [Japan]

2017 ''signa'' Concerto for 25gen koto & String Orchestra Kyoto[Japan]

2016 ''mitsugi''  Concerto for Yanagawajaisen and String Orchestra [Japan]

2016 ''annulus aurorae''   Concerto for Bassoon & Orchestra (11’) Kyoto [Japan]

2016 ''vox verum quasi aqua''  Concerto for Piano and Chamber Orchestra (11’) Otsu[Japan]

2015 "hae hwan cho mog cheong hwa ju myeong''Concerto for Sho and String Orchestra(25’) Kyoto[Japan] Seoul [Korea]

2015 ''yougjiu''  Concerto for Soprano,Choir and Orchestra (10’) Kyoto [Japan]

2014 ''yundao''rhymed prayer Trombone &Tenor Concerto (12’) Kyoto[Japan]

2013  Vibrating Rhythm  4 Koto[25gen,13gen,20gen,17gen]and Flute Orchestra (12’) Otsu [Japan]

2011 Concerto for Strings and East & West Instruments (12') Kyoto[Japan]

2009 …..goes in the river of light…..for 17gen with Koto and String Orchestra (10’) Kyoto[Japan]


■Orchestral works

2016 vox benedictus for flute orchestra (6’) Kyoto [Japan]

2013 Wie schoen leuchtet der Morgenstern für Kammerorchester (10’) Kyoto [Japan] Otsu [Japan]

2013 "Voices from Sky and Ground" for flute solo and strings with cembalo (6’) Kyoto [Japan]

2012 "Segredo" la promesa bonita del cielo y un lago y un pez para la orquesta de la flauta (4’) Otsu[Japan]

2011  “sato hyang-xiang” for percussion,17gen koto and chamber orchestra (12’) Kyoto[Japan]

2011 Cradle of Time Corona of Tears for chamber orchestra (11’) Otsu[Japan]

2011  Crossing Voices on SUZUKA MAGO UTA for eastern & western chamber orchestra  (5’) Minakuchi [Japan]

2007 “Ode to Sky and Lake”for flute orchestra (7’) Otsu[Japan] Kyoto[Japan]Tokyo[Japan]

2002 “Like a Water Ring” for flute orchestra (7’)Otsu[Japan] Kyoto[Japan]

2002 "Mother Lake" for  flute orchestra(20') Otsu [Japan] Taipei [Taiwan]

2000 "Inner Lake" for wind orchestra (17’) Kyoto[Japan]

1993“la fonte di luce”per flauti orchestra (9') Yamaga[Japan]


 2011  AZAI NO MANAGO (5’)  Nagahama [Japan]



 2017 time in your eyes, space in my ears (10’)  Kyoto[Japan]

 2016 vox caelum terra rithimus (15’) Kyoto [Japan]



2017-   vox orandi musica eternam (120,under construction) 


■Ballet or Traditional Dance works

2010  Traditional Dance “Kurita” (12) 

          Kusatsu Amica Hall  World of Composer Nakamura Noriko

1995  Ballet “NOLI” (26’)  * Korean Contemporary Traditional Dance 

         female voice  pianoforte percussion. solo female ballet dancer 3 male ballet dancers

          San Francisco Opera House  (3 stages) United We dance -World Ballet Companies

          Seoul Art Center Jayu Theater    Arko Arts Theater   Mielparque Tokyo Hall 

          Kyoto Art Live Theater International 

1994 Ballet “Sakura -Metamorphosis” (21’)

         female voice 2 violinists  solo female ballet dancer  3 male ballet dancers

         Tokyo Festival Ballet  U.S.A 9 cities Tour 


■Theater works

2017  vox verum sicut flos   quasi deo    topiorum caelo  (10’)

          Osaka Nogaku Kainan  Noh dancde  bassoon duo  electronics 

2015  vox verum quasi flos  (10’)  

           University Hall KCUA   Not-dance  bassoon  electronics

2014 Nam I Fantasy Chum 

         Arko Arts Theater Seoul Korea    Korean Traditional Dancers 

2013 TOKI NO  WA Times' ring  [text & music]  Regional Program (20’)

          Kusatsu City Tokiwa Elementary School Gymnasium

          narrator    shinobue    17gen &koto 2    piano      3 soprano

2012 Opera "Jian zhen " (50’)

          [Haruta-san Jigen-in Saiho-ji Temple Main Hall ]

          dramatic Tenor  light Soprano  lyric dramatic tenor   lyric soprano  lyric dramatic soprano

          baritone    light tenor lyric tenor

          flute & alto flute 17gen & koto percussion   piano    strings

2012 "Prayer of the light of August " Light & Matrix 8×9 Sun & Moon (60’)

          TMPP studio    

           solo dancers + four dancers,lighting,2 percussionists,electronics

2012  "Sand Prosody" for soprano,flute,Shamisen and Strings (6’)

           Catholic Kusatsu Church   

2011  Theater Piece KASHINOKI MONOGATARI The Oak Tree Story (45’)                                                         

          Nagahama Manicipal Shimo-kusano Elementary School Gymnasium

          Elementary School Children & Teachers,Regional People 

          Narrator Group   Percussion Group    Bell Group    Shinbue solo & Shinobue Group  

          17gen Koto   Soprano & Mixed Chorus Group  Visual image 400 people

2010 Theater piece ”Ship of Life”(50’)

          Shiga Art complex Hall ]

          flute & alto-flute player    17gen & koto player   5 percussionists   

          electronics visual images    dancers     2 children actors

          mezzo soprano  &  counter tenor    mixed chorus members

2008  Music Theater  GIN NO NAMI ODORU  dancing silver waves(19’)

          Shiga art complex creation Hall 

          narrator  perccusionist  violinist  singing 17gen & koto player

2003 Five Winter Songs by Haiku of YOSA Buson (16’) coloratura Soprano  Noh dance

    Kyoto Art Center  Osaka Noh-gaku Hall   

1995-98 Trilogy "MANA” “HARU” “HANA” (30’) unaccompanied coloratura soprano,Noh-dance

   Kyoto International Exchange Festival   Daitoku -jI temple,Kyoto

   Kyoto International Music Festival  Kyoto Concert Hall   

   Art Festival KYO  Meirin Elementary School


■Chamber works

1989 "Noli" for female voice,pianoforte and percussion (26’)  Kyoto[Japan],Heidelberg[Germany] ,Tokyo[Japan],San Fransisco[U.S.A],Seoul[Korea]

1991 “Kasanuhi” for violin,viola and violoncello (18’) Kyoto[Japan],Seoul[Korea]

1992 “Navi” for violin,viola and violoncello (18’) Kyoto[Japan],Seoul[Korea],Grańsk.[Poland]Wigierski[Poland]

1993 “Sakura” for 2 violinists (12’) Kyoto[Japan] 9 cities [U.S.A].Mexico City[Mexico],Tokyo[Japan]Otsu[Shiga] Hong Kong[China] Daegu[Korea]

1994 “Aqua” for pianist (15’) Kyoto[Japan]Bremen[Germany] Otsu[Japan]Köln[Germany]Tokyo[Japan] Tel Aviv[Israel] Salzburg [Austria]

1996-7 "Mure" for 3 marimbists (22’) Kyoto[Japan]Otsu[Japan]Tokyo[Japan]

1997 “Naga” for marimbist (11’) Kyoto[Japan] Otsu[Japan] Syke [Gernany] 

1998 “Kusa” for 5 percussionists (13’) Kyoto [Japan] Otsu [Japan] Taipei [Taiwan]

1998 "Kata" for marimbist (5’) Kyoto[Japan[ Otsu [Japan]  Seooul [Korea]

2001 "Riverside lullaby" for guitar solo (4’) Kyoto[Japan] Hakodate{Japan] Hiroshima [Japan] 

2001 "Red Sparrow's Story" for harpist (8’) Kyoto [Japan] 

2002 "Agata " for flute solo (9’) Kyoto [Kyoto] Otsu[Japan] Okayama [Japan]

2007 "Hata" for oboe and piano (12’) Kyoto [Japann] Kyoto[Japan] Kusatsu[Japan]

2007 "Riverside lullaby" for toy piano (4’) Bremen[Germany] Wien [Austria] Kyoto[Japan] Yamaguchi[Japan] Oita[Japana]

2007 "Kawa no hotori no komoriuta" for yoshibue esemble (4’) Kyoto [Japan] Otsu [Japan] Kameoka [Japan]

2008 "die Blüte der Rentaro" für zwei marimba mit zwei Spieler (10’)  Nishinomiya [Japan]

2008 "Alborada de la manzana"del la para el violin y piano (6’) Kyoto [Japan]

2009 "GANJIN WAY" for trombone and marimba (8’) Nagoya[Japan]

2010 "KASA Bach" for violin solo (6’) Kusatsu[Japan]

2010 "KUSA Bach" for violoncello solo (5’)Kusatsu[Japan]

2010 "SE Bach" for clarinet solo (5’)Kusatsu[Japan]

2010 "TAMA Bach" for 17 gen koto solo (6’) Kusatsu[Japan]

2010 "Nagu-hi " for percussionist (10’) Nara[Japan]

2010 "HOKAHI" for percussionist and two partners (7’) Kyoto[Japan] Otsu[Japan]Nagaasaki[Japan]Hiroshima[Japan]Nagano[Japan]Imora[Italy] Verona[Italy] Salzburg[Austria] 

2010 "RIN" for solo percussionist and percussion dance player (10’) Ritto[Japan]

2011 "Onjo-fu”for marimba solo and marimba ensemble (10’) Kyot[Japan]Padova[Italy]

2012 "sola" for piano alone (6’) Kyoto[Japan] 

2012 "Prayer from Ground" for double base solo (5’) Kyoto[Japan]

2012 "Eddy Moon Shining" for oboe solo (5’) Kyoto[Japan]

2012 "Pairing Mountain and Moon" for fagotto solo (5’) Kyoto[Japan]

2012 "Dawn Sky " for violin solo (7’) Nagaokakyo[Japan]

2012 "Magna Mater” for percussionist (6’) Hiroshima [Japan]

2013 "baby green " for three keyboard harmonica (3’)Ashiya[Japan]Kyoto[Japan]

2013 "vox verum " for fagotto solo (6’) Kyoto[Japann] Tokyo[Japan] Osaka [Japan] 

2013 "soul voice " for viola solo (6’) Daegu [Korea] Kyoto[Japan]

2014 "SKY EYES" for three cellos and two double bases (13’) Kyoto [Japan] Seoul [Japan]

2014 "GOUND EARS" for three cellos and double bases (10’)Kyoto [Japan] Seoul [Japan]

2013-14  “Looking at covering snow to all houses in the night balcony with great roof  

                YOSA Buson Inner Voices by ten landscapes “ for female voice and piano  (8’)

2016 “stellae universum caelum” for female voice solo (9’) Osaka [Japan]

2017 “vox amicae”  for female voice solo (9’)Osaka [Japan]

2017 “vox affectio” for shamisen solo (12’) Kyoto [Japan]

2017 “emitting prayer” for metal percussion duo(9’) Hiroshima [Japan]

2018 “inspirare” for flute solo (short version ) (3’) Tokyo [Japan]

2018  “Looking at covering snow to all houses in the night balcony with great roof  

           YOSA Buson Inner Voices by ten landscapes “ for female voice, bassoon and piano  (8’)

          Osaka[Japan] Salzburg [Austria] Kyoto[Japan]

2018 “vox caelum et terram” for vibraphone,marimba and piano (7’) Kyoto [Japan]

2018 “eterna” for organ solo (5’) Kusatsu[Japan]

2018 “introspectio” for metal percussion duo (9’) Hiroshima [Japan]

2018 “vox verum sicut caelum” for bassoon duo (6’) Tokyo[Japan]

2019 “multum spei multum” for bassoon solo (6’) toyonaka [Japan]

2019 “spiritus sanctus” for female voice solo (9’) Osaka [Japan]

2019”pinnae” for taiko solo(12’) * taiko-Japanese traditional drum -wadaiko Kyoto [Japan]

2019”Per somnium somnium” for bass recorder,violin and viola (7’) Tel Aviv [Israel]

2020”popoli" for vibraphone solo (8') Osaka [Japan] 

2020"XII Gloria" for string quartet (17")Grańsk.[Poland]Wigierski[Poland]

2020 ”spatium" for double bass& harp (8') Osaka [Japan]

■Work with electronics

2012 "litania" for 2 pianist on one piano with electronics ( 7’) Kyoto[Japan] Tel Aviv[Israel]

2012 "Prayer of the light of August" Light & Matrix 8×9 Sun & Moon (60’) Kyoto[Japan]

         TMPP studio   solo dancers with 4 dancers with light & percussion,electronics 

2013 "pink cloud" for toy-piano&piano & breath & strings & live-electronics (5’)


2014 quasi flos [Tape] (4’) Imura [Italy] Kyoto [Japan]

2015 “vox verum quasi flos” for bassoon & electronics (10’) Kyoto[Japan] Osaka[Japan]

2017 xiaoxin -suivitatis aurorae - (5’) Kyoto [Japan]


■Works for Japanese traditional instruments

1998 "Kurita" for 2 koto players (10’) Tokyo[Japan]Kyoto[Japan]Kusatsu[Japan]

2001 "Imose " for Shakuhachi and 20 gen koto (11’) München[Germany] Tokyo[Japan]

2001 "Kisaraghi" 3 pieces for Shakuhachi solo (8’) Kyoto[Japan]

2008 "Kishun-raku fantasy " for Shino-bue,17gen koto & koto (6’) Kusatsu[Japan]

2008 "Shuhu-raku fantasy " for Shino-bue,17gen koto & koto (5) Kusatsu[Japan]

2009 "Bright Moon Music Vol.2 "for 17 gen & koto player with vocalise (10’) Kyoto[Japan]

2010 ""DUDUYUNYUN " for two 17gen player with metal percussion (12’)Osaka[Japan] Kyoto[Japan]

2011 "Rengetsu-shin" for koto solo (7’) Kyoto[Japan] Sapporo[Japan] 

2012 "QINGDUSIYUN" for two 17gen player with metal percussion (12’)

2012 "The Oak Tree Variation"for koto ensemble (8’) Nagahama [Japan]

2013 "inspirare " for shakuhachi solo (6’) Tokyo[Japan]

2017 vox affectio for shamisen solo (12’) Kyoto [Japan]


■Japanese traditional instruments & Western instruments

2004 "KAGAMI" for oboe and 20 gen koto (11’) Kyoto [Japan]

2008 "Eten-raku fantasy " for violin,17gen koto & koto, pianoforte and percussion(6’) Otsu[Japan]

2008 "KUSA NO OTO" for violincello and17gen koto (5’) Kusatsu[Japan]

2009 "Bright Moon Music Vol.1” for alto flute and 17gen koto & koto (10’) Kyoto [Japan]

2010 "Rotus under Moon" for oboe,fagotto and koto (10’) Kyoto[Japan]

2010 "Bright Moon Music vol.3" for violoncello and 20 gen koto (10’) 

2012 "Forgotten Boat in Pearl Lake" for Biwa and 17gen koto(12’) Otsu [Japan]

2012 "One flower" for koto solo (11’) Yongin[Korea]


■Choral works

2003 "Nanohana ya Tsuki wa higashi ni Hi wa nishi ni" (Lyrics YOSA Buson)(5’)Kyoto[Japan]

2003-04 "Four Seasons Songs of Buson" for unaccompanied mixed chorus(Lyrics YOSA Buson)(16’)Kyoto[Japan]

2008 "Mimizuka no Oku no Ooku yori Mushi Shigure" (Lyrics TAMORI Shizen) (2’)Kyoto[Japan]

2006-10 "Cosmos Light Hug” (Lyrics NAKAMURA Noriko) (6’) Osa

2010 "Riverside lullaby" (3’)

2010 "Buson's eyes” for female chorus and 17 gen koto (15’)

2013 "YUKINOYA"Requiem for mixed chorus (7’)

2014 "AZAI no MANAGO" Cantata for chorus and orchestra (3’)

2015 yongjiu for Soprano,Mixed Choir and Orchestra (10’)

2016  vox caelum terra rithmus for mixed chorus,metal percussion duo, four koto players (15’)



2012 80 anniversary works by one attack of 80 members,Japan Society for Contemporary Music 

2011 arrangement on Credo Rokudan 

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